F.A. Q

 Q: How long will my pre-order take? 

If the product states that it is a pre-order than you can estimate around 4-6 weeks for the stickers or apparel to get to you! Any delays, you will be notified about through email or on the Instagram page! Please refer to Pre-order guidelines for more information. 

Q: Refunds?

All orders are non-refundable! Please choose carefully! If your items are damaged in anyway then please email us so we can get it replaced!

Q: Cancelling my Order?

Please be sure that the items you purchase are what you want! There is no refunds, and we do not cancel orders due to the limited inventory! BUT we do exchanges! Email us regarding this. Info@fatalflaw.us

Q: Wrong address! 

Just shoot us an email with the subject stating "WRONG ADDRESS" so that we can make sure things corrected right away!

Q: When will you get back to me? ):

Give us 24-48 hours to reply before sending another email to info@fatalflaw.us or the next business day. 

Q: When will you restock?

We restock whatever item is popular